Enjoy Kagurazaka Night, from ‘Sento’ (Public Bath) to ‘Izakaya’ (Japanese Pub) After Work.

Enjoy Kagurazaka Night, from ‘Sento’ (Public Bath) to ‘Izakaya’ (Japanese Pub) After Work.

Kagurazaka is an elegant district with cobblestone alleyways, heartwarming ‘zakka’ (home décor and accessories), and superb cuisine. I personally would like to live in this neighborhood. So today I am introducing how to spend a night in Kagurazaka wisely, as the locals do.



Head toward Kagurazaka from Iidabashi Station (Exit B3).

Head toward Kagurazaka from Iidabashi Station (Exit B3).
Iidabashi Station

Trivia about Kagurazaka: The main street is one-way, and it has a very unique traffic rule which probably can’t be seen anywhere else in Japan: going down in the morning, and going up in the afternoon. Also, this street is known to have implemented Japan’s first pedestrian paradise.

Take a Bath at ‘Sento’ called ‘Atamiyu’.

Take a Bath at ‘Sento’ called ‘Atamiyu’.

‘Atamiyu’, a ‘shitamachi (old city)-style’ public bath, has been loved by the locals. In the changing room, you can hear a lively talk about the stuff only the locals understand.

To get to this bath from the station, it’s recommended that you make a detour and come down the stairs from Kenban Yokocho (Kenban Lane) so you can feel the traditional atmosphere of the district. Well, ‘Atamiyu’, built in 1954, is a traditionally-designed bath house with its distinctive mound-shaped gables called ‘Chidori-hafu’. Today, this kind of typical ‘sento’is rarely seen in the center of Tokyo, since most ‘sento are located inside buildings. (I love these modern-style‘sento’too,though.)

I wanted to use the coin locker with the number 55 (which is Yankees Hideki “Godzilla” Matsui’s), but unfortunately it’s occupied. Noooo!!

The first thing you see when you enter the changing room, is a small pond with goldfish in it. It’s kind of weird to see this many goldfish at such a place. Actually these are all from summer festivals in Kagurazaka that were left unsold.

‘Takeko’, a Pretty Cheap Local ‘Izakaya’ with its Refined Exterior Mistaken for ‘Ryotei’

‘Takeko’, a Pretty Cheap Local ‘Izakaya’ with its Refined Exterior Mistaken for ‘Ryotei’

Feeling refreshed after a bath at ‘Atamiyu’, I head to the local ‘izakaya’ whose entrance looks like ‘ryotei’( (a first-class japanese restaurant) . It’s fun to see the great contrast between the entrance and the inside.

Draft beer 290 yen.

Highball 240 yen.

Their drinks are at reasonable prices, and so are the food dishes. Also, the place is filled with lively talk by salarymen and female office workers who work nearby.

I’m thinking of using this place for the next business reception. The prices are good and they will probably be covered under company expenses. Lol! That’s it for today. Try these places if you get a chance.

Finish! Nice outing!





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