Pub Crawl in Yotsuya. The Places to Visit Before You Die!

Pub Crawl in Yotsuya. The Places to Visit Before You Die!

As a member of Tokyo Pub Crawl Association, I’m introducing the ultimate bar-crawl course which I’ve finally found. It’s called ‘The pub-crawl to try before you die!” The course is definitely recommendable, and I’m sure you will love it, too! It includes an old ‘kakuuchi’-style bar (combined liquor store and bar) and a ramen shop offering great smoked food. These two are the best places in this area!



Start from Yotsuya Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line).

Start from Yotsuya Station (Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line).
Yotsuya Station

Unlike other metro stations, Yotsuya Station is located above ground. This means even if you doze off on a train, the sudden brightness will wake you up instantly as the train reaches the station. This area is full of high-class atmosphere, with many classy buildings including State Guest Houses, Gakushuin Elementary School, and Sofia University. (Yotsuya Station Number: M12 on Marunouchi Line and N08 on Namboku Line).

‘Suzuden’, an Old Premier Liquor Store Established in 1850.

‘Suzuden’, an Old Premier Liquor Store Established in 1850.

This store has a basement cold storage room for sake to preserve its proper balance of flavor and freshness. Therefore, their sake is always served in good condition. They have a bar next to the liquor store, where you’ll find some happy salarymen drinking while standing.

The standing bar is next to the pretty old liquor store.

The map showing ‘Japan’s 100 selected local sake’ is fun to see.

Passing by the long narrow standing bar area, there is a sitting bar area, with the counter on the right and the spacious table seats in the back. On the counter is full of ‘otsumami (side dishes)’.

Start off with beer and macaroni salad. The macaroni is cooked perfectly!

‘Kouya’ , a Ramen Shop Offering Awesome ‘Otsumami’ !

‘Kouya’ , a Ramen Shop Offering Awesome ‘Otsumami’ !

This shop, extablished in 1983, is located within five minutes’ walk of Yotsuya Station. It’s always crowded with salarymen ending their drinking with ramen, but here, I would recommend their ‘otsumami’ first.

I take a photo of the ramen the customer next to me has ordered. It’s so tempting, but I’ll stick to my decision and order ‘otsumami’ only!

Assorted 'Horumon (pork parts)' with 'nitamago (soy sauce-steeped egg)'. The 'Horumon' includes ‘Tan (tongue)’, ‘Hatsu (heart)’, ‘Gatsu (gut)’, and ‘Mimi (ear). They are served sliced and easy to pick. Everything tastes great, well-soaked in the sauce. The addition of white hair leek and coliander gives the food extra flavor, so you'll never get tired of the same taste till the end.

What I order next is stir-fried bean sprouts and tomatoes. Everything (leeks, tomatoes, bacon, and small shrimps) is dressed with red starchy sauce. Tastes a little spicy, but goes well with beer. Now, how can I resist another beer?

'Kanpai (Cheers)!'

Finish! Nice outing!





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